Inoue Motokatsu


Inoue Sensei

The son of a general and grandson to the former Prime Minister of Japan, Katsura Taro, Ryukyu Kobudo Hanshi Inoue Motokatsu was exposed to martial arts from an early age. Interestingly, this training began under a personal security specialist hired by Motokatsu's father to work in their house. This specialist, Soke Seiko Fujita, was also the 14th headmaster of the Koga ryu Ninjutsu line, and the last known of his kind to work for the government. Mr. Seiko was always present around the house, and begun teaching Inoue sensei as a young child.

Inoue would later train seriously under sensei Konishi Yasuhiro and Taira Shinken, who became his primary instructors after the death of Seiko Fujita in 1960. Taira Sensei taught Mr. Inoue the vast weapons curriculum of the Ryukyu Kobujutsu Hozon Shinkokai (The Society for the Promotion and Preservation of Classical Martial Arts). The weapons society practices all eight of the Okinawan classical weapons, and all the combined katas (107) of the Naha, Shuri, Aragaki and Tomari styles.

In addition, Inoue sensei was also the founder of his own style called the Yuishinkai, a name given to him by Soke Seiko Fujita.

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