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Shinkendo Kakejiku — Wall Hangings

Kakejiku (wall hangings) of the kanji for Shinkendo are now available. The green version has a matte finish, while the orange version has a glossy finish. (60" x 15")



Anzentō — Training Sword

Anzentō (literally, "safety sword") are training swords that are used to reduce the risk of injury during tachiuchi practice. They consist of resilient padding wrapped in leather, with a sturdy but flexible core. Each is handmade.

To extend their longevity, it is recommended that anzentō are used in pairs during practice.


Please e-mail to order.


MACHIGI roughly translates as "town-coat," and is a sleeveless jacket that can be worn over one's dogi on the way to or from the dojo, as well as other occasions. Available in leather and denim. Please contact orders@shinkendo.com for prices.

Denim Kuyomon
(M, inquire for L)

Denim Aikibuken kanji
(M, inquire for L)

Denim Shinkendo kanji
(M, inquire for L)
Leather Shinkendo kanji

SIZES (length x shoulder width)
Leather: S=34"x13"; M=34"x13.5"; L=37"x14.5"
Denim Aikibuken: M=31"
Denim Shinkendo/Kuyomon: M=30"


TENUGUI are traditional Japanese hand towels, and can be used for a variety of purposes. They are usually kept in the folds of the dogi or hakama. Available in a set of two (one blue and one white) with the Shinkendo or Aikibujutsu kanji written on them.

PRICE=$15.00 (set of two)
SIZE: 14"x41"


White Shinkendo tenugui temporarily out of stock.
Single blue Shinkendo tenugui available for $10.
Pair of blue and white Aikibujutsu tenugui available for $15.


The Shinkendo TSUBA are made of sturdy leather, and are meant to be mounted on a bokken for tachiuchi practice. It may require some adjustment to fit different diameters of bokken.


Shinkendo Tameshigiri
Omote Side
Shinkendo Tameshigiri
Ura Side
Sorry, temporarily out of stock


Shinkendo Tameshigiri

Nobori flags are available for display in the dojo or during demonstrations.

They come as a pair of matching flags (left and right) inscribed with Aikibuken or Shinkendo kanji.

PRICE=$70.00 pair (Shinkendo set or Aikido set)
Stand not included

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