Nakamura Taizaburo

Nakamura Sensei cutting

Born in Yamagata prefecture in 1912, Nakamura Shihan was a Taito Honbun Sha ("Nanpo Heidan Yamashita Kirikomitai" - Southern Yamashita Army Group Assault Force, under the assignment of "Jissen Budo Kyokan", or, Fencing Instructor) in Northern China during WWII. Nakamura was part of a small group of traditional Japanese that preferred to use feudal Bugei techniques rather than modern methods to fight, and as such Nakamura studied and later taught at the "Rikugan Toyama Gakko" (Toyama Military Academy). There are many historical accounts of Japanese soldiers during WWII charging with drawn swords at enemy troops armed with guns, and having significant results.

Before the Pacific war, around the time of the "Manchu Incident" (1931) which brought Japan into the China war, a Japanese Imperial Navy Kenjutsu Master Instructor, Takayama Masayoshi, applied for duty in China where he experienced battlefield sword combat first hand. Nakamura sensei was later able to discuss with Mr. Takayama his findings and experiences in the realities of battlefield kenjutsu. This information was beneficial and served as a motivating factor in the founding of Nakamura Sensei's own ryu-ha, "Nakamura ryu Happogiri".

After the war, Nakamura Shihan developed his style of battodo and based it off the eight basic strokes of Japanese calligraphy. Nakamura Shihan passed away at 92 and a half years old in May, 2003, after contributing significantly to the preservation and propagation of Japanese swordsmanship. Credentials and experience included a number of high ranks, including Soke (Nakamura ryu), SoShihan (All Japan Toyama Ryu Renmei), Hanshi 10th dan (battodo), Hanshi 8th dan (Kendo-IMAF), Kyoshi 7th dan (Kendo-All Japan Kendo Renmei), Hanshi 8th dan (All Japan Jukendo Renmei), Hanshi 8th dan in tankendo (short sword, AJJF), 4th dan (All Japan Kyudo Renmei), 3rd dan (pre-war Judo association), and Hanshi (Japanese calligraphy). He most recently lived in Tsurami Yokohama, and presided over the Iai-Batto Do Federation while overseeing the instruction of battodo to the Kakuseikai.

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